5 Best PUBG Mobile Settings Trick To Get Chicken Dinner

pubg mobile

Getting a Chicken Dinner on a hottest multiplayer game like PUBG Mobile, don’t come to be easy, right. That too without a right setting, comes next to impossible, for a game, which just took over 100 Million plus downloads over the Play Store. So here to help you get more chicken dinners, we came across the 5 Best PUBG Mobile settings tricks which really gonna help you enhance your gaming skills.

PUBG Mobile Gaming Settings Tricks

1.PUBG Mobile: Auto-adjust Graphics

pubg mobile adjust graphics

With PUBG Mobile Auto-adjust graphics, you get the better gaming experience with automatic to adjust in graphics quality, while your phone gets a low battery, or, over-heating. To do so,

  • Navigate to Settings on PUBG Mobile.
  • Tap on Graphics.
  • Turn ON the Auto-adjust graphics.

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2.PUBG Mobile: Adjust Screen for Notch

As by 2018, the notch screen smartphones comes to be most common at different shapes and size. So to just get set,

  • Navigate to Settings on PUBG Mobile.
  • Tap on Graphics.
  • Navigate to Non-Standard Screen
  • Select Notched.
  • Now restart the game and you come all set.

3.PUBG Mobile: Switch Between First Person and Third Person View

pubg mobile change tpp to fpp

As by default, PUBG Mobile offers a third person view, which comes interesting when come looking at your character. But, additionally, PUBG Mobile also offers the first person view, which comes amazing, and make your gaming experience much better if you come as a PC gaming to mobile. As the First Person view, just offers simply to look down over your weapon and aim at the enemy, right, and take them down, more precisely. To do so,

  • Tap over the Game Mode just below the Start button.
  • Now, choose between ‘TPP’ (third person), to ‘FPP’ (first person).

4.PUBG Mobile: Gyroscope for Aiming Down

pubg mobile gyro

With PUBG Mobile, you can also use your smartphone’s gyroscope on aiming down sights and move your phone to aim at enemies. To do so,

  • Navigate to Settings on PUBG Mobile.
  • Tap on Basic.
  • Turn Scope ON the gyroscope.

5.PUBG Mobile: Peek and Fire

The Peek and Fire on PUBG Mobile come really awesome. By using these settings, you get the option to cover behind, peek and shot over the enemy without exposing yourself completely. To do so,

  • Navigate to Settings on PUBG Mobile.
  • Tap on Basic.
  • Turn “Peek & Fire” to ON.

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