5 Upcoming Features on WhatsApp Which Completely Change the User Experience

WhatsApp the instant messaging platform with a 2 million user base is finally on the peak to bring some new updates over there instant messaging platform which somehow would bring enhancement as well as ruin the user experience. By upcoming few weeks, WhatsApp will be rolling out an update with few new features such as Swipe to Reply, PiP video viewing mode and the most important the platform integrating ads. To know all the upcoming features just follow below.

whatsapp upcoming updates

Swipe To Reply

While the Swipe To Reply feature which already comes to exist for the iOS users is now to get available even for the Android users to make messaging much quicker. As with this feature, the users just need to swipe on the message to reply instead of selecting and tapping over the reply option.

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Sticker in WhatsApp

Just as the few other messaging apps, WhatsApp may soon to bring the feature with its upcoming update. As reported by WABetaInfo, the sticker preview was first spotted over WhatsApp version 2.18.218 and currently, it also knows WhatsApp being testing this feature under the name of ‘Biscuit’.

WhatsApp Picture-In-Picture mode

While this WhatsApp Picture-In-Picture mode was already found to be available over the iOS and now on Android, the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.301 was first found to be spotted. As with this functionality, users will be able to stream YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Streamable videos on the chat screen itself, moreover, with this feature users will be able to move, resize the screen alongside the chat.

Inline Image Notification

As this Inline Image Notification functionality got first spotted over WhatsApp beta version 2.18.291. While with this feature users to get the preview of the received image in the notification itself with the option of either expanding it or collapsing it except for the GIF images. Moreover, the feature to be only applicable to the Android 9 Pie devices.

WhatsApp Monetization

The most noticeable update on WhatsApp comes the monetization. While with the monetization of WhatsApp, now the users to find targeted ads popping over the status section of the instant messaging platform WhatsApp, firstly for iOS users and soon over the Android too. On the matter security, Facebook added that there would be no weaken for end-to-end encryption.


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