7 Features WhatsApp Working To Make Communication Better

WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform by Facebook, in the past year have been evidenced with good as well as bad news. In the past year, the platform offered amazing features, like a quote reply, group voice calls, stickers and so on. But this year 2019, WhatsApp has been planning to offer more. As per the rumors claims, this year WhatsApp has been working on some seven features which include fingerprint lock or unlock, dark mode, media preview, sticker search, Universal Picture-in-picture mode for videos, group video call and more. While which may include to bringing those features or enhancing the existing features. However, there comes no official statement by WhatsApp, but the report suggests that the firm already started working on it.


WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock or Unlock

While with 2019, here WhatsApp seems to get more concerned about the privacy of their users. As reports suggest, the new fingerprint lock or unlock feature with WhatsApp will bring the users with fingerprint authorization for the app. Well, with this feature, the users basically need to authenticate their identity while they open the app. Yes, this feature could come to be annoying for users, but it’s already being tested over iOS and soon might launch over Android too.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

While this feature seems already popular with most of the app and just recently was also spotted on YouTube app too. Well, with dark mode on WhatsApp, the users will be able to switch the app to the darker shade, while using the app on dark places and reduce the strain over their eyes.

WhatsApp Media Preview

As of now, we got to see the text message notifications and could also reply to. But with upcoming Media Preview on WhatsApp, the users will be able to view the media files even on the notification and play, instead of opening an app every time to view those media files.

WhatsApp Sticker Search

While after the introduction of Whatsapp Sticker a few months ago where WhatsApp got an overwhelming response by users. So now WhatsApp thinks that just like the emoji search there should be an option for sticker search too. And so the firm now plans to launch the same by this year 2019.

WhatsApp Universal PiP Mode

Well, as this feature of Universal PiP Mode for Videos was already available in 2018, but was only limited to videos shared directly from Facebook or YouTube. So now by 2019, WhatsApp will also support this Universal PiP Mode for Videos with other third-party videos. For the unknown, the WhatsApp, Universal PiP Mode for Videos allows users to watch the video shared by friends on the small floating window in the corner and also continue the chat.

WhatsApp Group Video Call

As of 2018, the feature was available for only limited users, which allows more than two people to have a group video chat. But as by 2019, WhatsApp decides to make this feature available for all the users.


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