[Coronavirus] How to clean Smartphones, Laptops & other electronic devices

Having a clean smartphones/tablets or laptops has always been praised over. But currently, in this pandemic situation of COVID-19, a respiratory disease caused by Coronavirus, the step towards keeping your devices clean regularly, should be a must. As we been, aware of the fact, that, the personal device we use can be a home for bacteria & viruses, so it might be a high time to clean those. Beside, we also know that, by the timing of this article, there hasn’t been a vaccination for this disease to be cured and we being relying upon some basic hygiene precautions, like social distancing and washing hands intermittently. Therefore, here’s few basic tips to help you keep your phone and laptop clean.

Cleaning of Smartphones & Laptops

One of the simple and the no-cost method to clean these devices is to use a simple solution of soap and water and wipe/clean the device using the lintfree/microfibre cloth. Due to the fact, that as these viruses, consist of genetic material, proteins, and fats. While, the soap itself also contains the fat-like substances, which when interact, causes the viruses to break down.

Secondly, you can even opt to purchase some mobile sanitizer available online, which comes as a kit and keep your device clean.

However, do avoid using an alcohol-based cleaner, as that might damage the protective coating, usually found of most of these devices and to try avoiding paper-based wipes, which tend to scratches over the surface and touchscreen unresponsive, over time.

Moreover, as a precaution, it’s better to make use of AI-based mobile assistance, along using headsets/earphones for making calls, reduce touch of the device. as possible.