[Earn Money] Get Free Amazon, Flipkart & Paytm Voucher With Short Surveys

Are you a person who’s been looking for a 100% genuine part-time method to earn money online? For just as a side income by spending some very little time from your day or week and making those time converted to a money-making time as well.

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Either you might be anyone, a professional, student, housewife, etc. No matter what you are, this method of filling paid short surveys online might be one of the best options for earning money online without making any investment, for anyone. Helping you earn vouchers for some of the top websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. All by answering some very simple questions which are just related to somewhat, we do daily in our life.

However, before we head over, you just be assured that the sites which been listed below are some of the legitimate paid short survey websites and have been there for a really long time now, helping many peoples earning online. Moreover, the proof of payments from these sites is also provided below.


i-Say, one of the largest survey-based market research company, offering paid short survey around the world, supported to share opinion using your mobile, tablet, or PC. Offering free gift vouchers for various vendors like Xoxoday, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc for the equivalent points you earn by completely filling out the surveys.

Minimum Withdrawal: usually 2000-5000 points ~ (₹200 to ₹500)

Each Survey: usually of 600-1000 points

Payment Proof

i-say payment proof

The Panel Station

The Panel Station is the India based market research company offering paid short surveys, to user and help them earn cash based as rewards vouchers, from the top websites like Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon, on every successful completion of survey. The platform can be joined and accessed using any device, mobile, tablet or PC.

Minimum Withdrawal: 3000 points ~ (₹300 to ₹400)

Each Survey: usually of 600-1500 points

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Payment Proof