Go India Game Jaipur Quiz Answers | Win in Upto Rs.100

After the last Go India Quiz event by Google Pay on ‘Mumbai’, ‘Hyderabad’ & ‘Dharamshala’, is now again back with another Google Pay Go India quiz event on ‘Jaipur’. This Go India Jaipur Quiz game is available for all the Google Pay users, where they can earn upto Rs.100 as instant cash to there bank account or can grad a rare tickets or earn kms.

To earn a cash of upto Rs.100 on bank account, during the Go India event, user just need to give the correct answers to the questions asked.

How to Visit Jaipur City From Google Pay Go India Offer?

Campaign only Live From 10th – 12th November 2020

1. Open the Google Pay App.

2.Tap on the Go India Offer.

3.Visit Jaipur city, using the Jaipur city ticket.

If you don’t have a Jaipur city ticket or km then just share the map or city visited or just gift Go India tickets on the Go India offer with your friends.

4.After reaching on Jaipur city you need to Play Jaipur City Quiz.

Give all the correct answers for the 5 questions asked. That’s it.

Google Pay Go India Jaipur City Quiz Answers

Any of these 5 might be the correct answer for you.

1. Area
2. Buttar Chicken
3. All Of Them
4. Golden Triangle
5. Pink City
6. Go To Help Inside Google Pay App
7. 953
8. Red Fort
9. Johari Bazar
10. 93

Question 1 – Jaipur is popularly known as

Answer – Pink City

Question 2 – Which tourist circuit consists of Jaipur, Delhi & Agra

Answer – Golden Triangle

Question 3 – How Many Windows Does Hawa Malal Have?

Answer – 953

Question 4 – Which of the following monuments is not located in Jaipur?

Answer – Red Fort

Question 5 – You need to call Google Pay Customer care for details related to your gold transaction and a Dhanteras cashback of up to Rs.10000. How will you find the Customer care

Answer – Go to Help inside Google Pay App

Question 6 – On Dhanteras, where would you shop in Jaipur?

Answer – Johari Bazar

Question 7 – Rajasthan is the state with highest

Answer – Area

Question 8 – Which of the following should you buy from Jaipur? (Options: Lac Bangles, Bandhani Dupatta, All of them and Blue pottery)

Answer – All of Them

Question 9 – Which dish below is unlikely to be in a Rajasthani Meal?

Answer – Butter Chicken

Google Pay Go India Mumbai City Quiz Answers[EXPIRED]

GPay Go India Mumbai Event

Any of these 5 might be the correct answer for you.

Google Pay Go India Mumbai Event Full Questions & Answers

1. Mumbai’s famous Marine Drive is Located in Which Part of the City?

Answer : South Mumbai

2. The Wankhede stadium is Mumbai hosted the finals of which major men’s Cricket tournament that India Won?

Answer : 2011 World Cup (50 Overs)

3. The Mumbai Dabbawallas are known for :

Answer : Delivering hot lunches to customers

4. Which of the Following is not a Maharashtrian Food Specialty?

Answer : Vada Sambhar

5. You Found a Buyer for your old furniture just before diwali. To Receive money, the buyer has asked you to follow the steps on a google pay payment request sent to you. You reach the ‘enter UPI PIN’ screen. You Should:

Answer : Never Open GPay or Enter UPI to Receive Money

6 – Many International Cricketers started at this cricket ground/academy in central mumbai

Answer – Shivaji Park

7 – Which Of The Following is not a Beach location in Mumbai

Answer – Powai

8. How much island has been merged for Mumbai City?

Answer : 7 Island

9. Wired cable sea link bridge joines which place of Mumbai

Answer : Bandra & Worli

Proof of Mumbai Event:

Go India Mumbai Event Proof

Go India Hyderabad City Quiz Answers[EXPIRED]

Google Pay Hyderabad Event

Any of these 5 might be the correct answer for you.

1. Which Of The Following Is Not A Hyderabadi specialty cuisine ?

Ans: Daal Baati Churma

2. Which Of The Following Are Referred To As Twin Cities ?

Ans: Secunderabad And Hyderabad

3. What Is Money Or Gifts Given To Younger Members on the occasion Of Eid Called ?

Ans: Eidi

4. On The Bank Of Which River Is Hyderabad Situated ?

Ans: Musi

5. What is Hyderabad’s Film City Called ?

Ans: Ramoji Film City

6. You receive a call on the eve of Eid stating that you have won a Rs. 10 lakh ‘festive lottery’. You just need to scan a QR code, enter your UPI PIN within the next 2 hours to claim it. You should:

Ans: Never Open GPay Or Enter UPI to receive Money

7. Charminar Literally Means ?

Ans: Four towers

08. The Famous Lake In Hyderabad Is Called ?

Ans: Hussain Sagar Lake

09. Which Of the following is a dance form of Andra Pradesh & Telangana ?

Ans: Kuchipudi

Proof of Hyderabad Event: