Google Bolo : Reading Made Easy – All You Need to Know

Reading skill, the world’s most important skill, under education, have somehow always been neglected by the students in the past and which may lead to a lot of conflicts in the further education on the people. So looking after such context, Google, just recently announced a new e-learning android application named ‘Bolo’. Specially designed to improve the reading skills of the younger generation.

google bolo details

Google Bolo Application Details

Well, talking further, Google’s ‘Bolo’ application designed for Android smartphones basically works in text-to-speech and speech recognition technology, which currently comprises for languages like Hindi and English with a total of 90 textbooks, where 50 textbooks are English and 40 textbooks are Hindi.

Moreover, to help better, the application comes with in-built reading assistance named Diya, which basically is an animated digital assistant which encourages the young children to read stories out loud. However, if the students get stuck in between then Diya also helps them out from that point. In fact, to make the reading interesting, the children’s are also offered a reward (just like games), on completing a particular task or reaching out the milestone. While for assessment, the report card is also generated for parents within the application, so that they could track the success of their children.

Getting to the best part, Google’s ‘Bolo’ application also comes with an offline feature and no ads within the application, such that the children don’t get distracted on the session of learning. Other than that, Kashyap, Google India, Product Manager also states that “Nothing is ever sent to Google through the app – not even the voice samples”.

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