2 Easy Methods To Read WhatsApp Deleted Message

WhatsApp an instant messaging app which you, I and almost every smartphone users like to use. It’s not just because of it’s easy to use interface and design but also due to its features which bind users and today come to be one of the most lovable and widely used instant messaging app. To maintain the popularity and help users improve their mistakes WhatsApp recently rolled a new ‘Delete For Everyone’ feature and which enable users with the benefit of deleting their messages and media within 7 minutes or earlier. However, we also know that with the deleting feature people are more curious to know the deleted WhatsApp message and so you are then here is detail guide for you.

How to read whatsapp deleted messages
As an always in a tech industry people are more likely to find tricks and among them comes to a Spanish Android blog named Android Jefe. The blog claims that the deleted messages are still present on the Android notification logs even after the messages get deleted by the sender. So thanking Android Jefe for their hard work lets head towards the trick.

Method 1: Without Third-party apps

This section of the guide will be helpful for the users having the android version Nougat 7.0 or above. Just press or hold on the home screen and navigate towards Widgets > Activities > Settings > Notification log where you get access to all system notification logs. Just scroll and tap to WhatsApp messages to read.

Method 2: With Third-party apps

While this section would be helpful for devices either with the Android version below Nougat or for Redmi device which usually don’t get direct access to log notifications. In that case,

  • Install Notification History Log app from the Google Play store.
  • Allow the permissions.
  • Now tap on show all notifications.
  • Just scroll and tap over WhatsApp messages and read.

notification app for redmi


While both the methods works perfectly with Android devices, however, to come with some limitation as listed below.

  • Only first 100 characters of messages are visible.
  • Other than text no media files such as photos, videos and documents can be retrieved.
  • Only the message stored as notifications can retrieve. Other than that if you have muted a chat or group notifications, no notification received due to no internet connectivity while sender sends the message and deleted messages are also not retrieved.
  • Whenever notification logs getting restarted due to any reason, the messages are also erased.



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