Intra Android App Review – All You Need To Know

Intra the latest new application released by Jigsaw Operations LLC (also a part of  Google cyber technology incubator) over the Google Play Store this October which states to protect users from Domain Name System (DNS) manipulation attacks. So follow us below to know more in detail about the app.


Domain Name System(DNS)

But before we move, it’s important to know about the Domain Name System (DNS). So the DNS is just like a phone book of the internet which translates the domain names ( to IP addresses (7268) so that a browser can load the resources from the Internet.

About Intra App

“Intra protects you from DNS manipulation, a type of cyber attack used to block access to news sites, social media platforms, and messaging apps. Intra also helps protect you against some phishing and malware attacks. It’s easy for anyone to use — just download the app and get started in a few seconds. You can leave it on and forget about it.” as stated by Jigsaw over the dedicated page for the app.

How Intra App Works?

While to stop the DNS manipulation and stop phishing and malware attacks Intra forms a layer just as somehow the VPN works and due to which allows the users to access even the blocked sites over your area and keep your privacy secure with the form of encryption between you and your service providers and help you visit the exact page you want to.

Features of Intra App

  • Free access to websites and apps blocked by DNS manipulation
  • No limits on data usage and it won’t slow down your internet connection
  • Open source
  • Keep your information private – Intra doesn’t track the apps you use or websites you visit
  • Customize your DNS server provider — use your own or pick from popular providers


Setting up Intra app

Setting up the Intra app is just as simple as the other Android app.

That’s it, now you are all set to go.


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