JioPhone New Rs 99 Plan With 500MB Data Per Day for 28 Days

Reliance Jio a private telecom firm lastly on July 20 launch a new JioPhone plan of worth Rs 99 under the JioPhone Monsoon Hungama offer. While with the existing JioPhone traffic plans like Rs 49 and Rs 153 the new Rs 99 plan will be joining the list to offer more options to the users.

JioPhone Rs 99 plan
While talking on brief, the Rs 99 plan will be offering users with a great benefit of 0.5GB of unlimited data per day (@ 64 Kbps post 0.5GB) in a budget of less than Rs 100 which on total will be offering 14GB FUP data in the entire validity period along with other offerings like unlimited calling over any network, 300 SMSes, and Jio Apps Complimentary subscription with a validity of 28 days.

And as on comparison with Rs 49 plan with unlimited calling, 50 SMSes and 1GB of data in entire validity period of 28 days this Rs 99 plan would come to be a much better option for the users while with the upcoming of two new apps as WhatsApp and YouTube.


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