Kimbho by Patanjali Gets Revised Version Now Up on Play Store

Kimbho by Patanjali: Kimbho the message app led by Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali Ayurveda has finally got up on the Google Play Store after the revision, at the special eve of Independence Day. For the unknown, Kimbho is the same app which got the launch on May 31st for the very first time on Google Play Store and got down in just three hours after the launch. While at that time the app came up with lots of flaws, vulnerabilities and server issues as stated by various security experts. But now as tweeted by Managing Director Acharya Balkrishna over the twitter handler about this revised version of the Kimbho app saying “Kimbho app is now ready with new and advanced features.” But before you head over the app please read the article below.


As mentioned above the Kimbo messaging app finally got up on Google Play Store but only on trial basis for the timing of 12 days from today as stated by the company itself. And while under this 12 days the app is available for the users to get the app and test the app and report the ‘shortcomings’ to the company so that they could resolve the ‘shortcomings’ before the launch and bring an error-free app at the time of launch. According to the report by TelecomTalk, Patanjali spokesperson S K Tijarawala, Kimbho is going to be a “safe, secure and swadeshi” messaging platform. But FMCG firm will officially launch the app on August 27, 2018, after fixing the “shortcomings”, he further said.

Other than that, the Patanjali spokesperson S K Tijarawala told PTI “Now we are expecting millions download during the next 12 days of trial period and we have built a load capacity for that,” he said, adding “on August 27, Union Minister for Road Nitin Gadkari along with Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna would launch the swadeshi app“.

Moreover, the Patanjali spokesperson S K Tijarawala also states, the Haridwar based FMCG giant has resolved the ‘shortcomings’ in the application and is ready to relaunch it for the users. But the company also states, that this time, it would launch the app officially soon, once its technical development phase is completed.



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