LG V35 Super-Premium Signature Edition To Go On Sale

While on the earlier 2018, where LG the Korean tech giant launched various products like X5 mid-range smartphone of 2018 edition in Korea and Stylo 4. Where now it seems that the tech giant LG is planning to launch more exciting in the second half of 2018. As lastly, LG put out a word that they would be launching a new super-premium version of V35 smartphone and which would be live for sale from August 20 with an extreme pricing of $1,830, as said by the company.

As reported by Yonhap, a Korean news agency, the device would be the “LG Signature Edition” smartphone with only 300 units for sale overall as being the limited edition and would be available for pre-order for two weeks for the customers interested. The company also announced that the device will come covered with zirconium ceramic material. Other than that, the company also claimed that the device would come along with Bang & Olufsen earphones having 256GB internal storage, running on latest Android Oreo out of box operating system, AI features and LG Pay payment feature.


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