New RAMpage attack for All Android Phone With Access To All Photos and Documents

Last, from several years we had come to see several exploits in our smartphone with various attacking technics like an attack from a single text message to a Bluetooth connectivity attack. And now a new attack had come into existence with a new exploit named as RAMpage. According to the researchers, the Android devices launched on or after 2012 has come up with a Rowhammer bug as a side effect of using SDRAM modules.

Android RAMpage attack
While with RAMpage exploit, the attacker can flip the bits on the binary data memory cells stored from 1 or 0 to 0 or 1 by electrically attacking the same memory cell by altering the data and gain access. And as we know that Android-powered devices don’t permit apps to read other apps data but with RAMpage exploit they might even get access to securely stored data which includes photos, messages, and even passwords from a password manager apps by gaining administrator control access.

But as we know, the vulnerabilities are taken place for the devices ranging from the year 2012, so we can’t expect hardware fixes for all such devices. And currently, we too don’t find any software fixes or solutions by any companies but should be expected soon. So till then, the only solution is to stay away from unverified apps and only install the verified apps direct from Google Play store.



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