PUBG Mobile Prime & Prime Plus Subscription – Everything You Need To Know

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PUBG Mobile: Tencent Games, the Chinese developer of PUBG Mobile or Player Unknown: Battleground, just with the latest version update of PUBG Mobile 0.11, has announced between its users with the two new subscription-based model, comes named as Prime and Prime Plus. While both these subscription plans are featured with exciting benefits like earning Unknown Cash (UC) as a daily bonus, ability to purchase items in a game using Battle Points (BP), etc, which we come discuss below in details along with its pricing.

PUBG Mobile: Prime and Prime Plus Pricing

Within the game, the player can purchase Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions which comes for the very first-month at the pricing of $0.99/month and $4.99/ months respectively, as of present, for both Android and iOS users. Moreover, as the Prime Plus is concerned, on renewal the plan finds a price hiked at $9.99/month.

pubg mobile prime and prime plus

PUBG Mobile: Prime and Prime Plus Benefits

Starting with PUBG Prime, the subscription offers benefits of collecting 5 Unknown Cash (UC), as a daily bonus, along with the benefit to purchase items in the games using the Battle Points (BP) for 7 days/30 days.

On the other hand, the PUBG Prime Plus has many more to offer. The subscription of PUBG Prime Plus offers an instant 300 Unknown Cash (UC), Classic Coupon, PUBG Premium Crate Coupon, Rename Card and one-time Advance Room Card. Moreover, this trier also offer a subscription with 20 Unknown Cash (UC) as a daily reward, 10 RP daily, daily discount on different items, daily First Classic Crate Lottery with 50% off, daily discount on different items in games to purchase and lastly, benefits to purchase items using Battle Points (BP) for 7 day/30 day/Permanent.

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