YouTube rolled out new Incognito Mode feature

YouTube, the most popular service under Google lineup has recently rolled out a new feature called ‘Incognito Mode’. The same ‘Incognito Mode’ which we find on our browser will now be available over the latest version of YouTube app version 13.25.56. While with this feature, YouTube will now allow watching videos over the app without leaving any trace of search and watched history. So here are a few steps listed below to enable or disable it!

youtube Incognito mode

Enable Incognito Mode:

enable youtube Incognito

  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Navigate over the top right and tap over account icon.
  • Tap Turn on Incognito.
  • If you are using Incognito for the first time over the app then tap on the pop-up as Got it.

Once the Incognito mode is on you got to see the same black Chrome’s Incognito symbol and a black bar at the bottom of the YouTube app. But please note that if you have been using any premium YouTube services then it will be disabled while using Incognito.

Disable Incognito Mode:

disable youtube Incognito

  • Navigate over the top right and tap over account(Incognito) icon.
  • Now tap on Turn off Incognito at the bottom of the screen.
  • Things To Note with Incognito.

While you use “Incognito mode” either over browser or YouTube you can still be tracked by Google and can activities can be viewed by an internet provider, employer, or school.


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